12 Workout Leggings That Warrant a “Dangerous Curves Ahead” Warning

Every girl knows that shopping for leggings can either be an exhilarating or painful experience. When a pair is good, they’re really good, but when something’s off, you just want to give up and commit to sweats forever. For curvier girls, shopping for leggings can be especially challenging since some brands don’t cater to all sizes, which is ludicrous because, in my opinion, leggings look better the more curves they’re hugging.

With that in mind, we trekked the ecommerce terrains to find the best size-inclusive leggings for all types of exercise. Whether you’re working up a sweat finishing day 29 of your 30-day squat challenge, stretching your limbs in a strengthening yoga sequence, or busting a move in your cardio dance class, these leggings will not only support your fitness game, but turn you into a stunning traffic-stopper.

from POPSUGAR Fitness http://ift.tt/2zVwshf

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