Operation Snapback: Get in Your Workout Groove With These Basic Moves

Any time is a good time for a renewed focus on health and weight loss. But while there is something about a new year filled with promise, there are still roadblocks to focusing on exercise. A gym can require some financial rejiggering as well as a time commitment, while the weather outside – be it freezing or sweltering – may leave you filled with excuses not to leave the house.

There is another issue for beginners, though, and that is gym fright. Getting back into a gym with other people who may have been there for years is something that beginners may stress over and will have an affect on the workout at hand. So, we picked out a few exercises you can do from home to kick-start your exercise routine this year without having to worry about stares from random strangers.

Now, get moving!

from POPSUGAR Fitness http://ift.tt/2FnNYdG

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