20 Makeup Products That Won’t Sweat Off at the Gym

You don’t need to wear makeup at the gym (or anywhere, for that matter). You are beautiful just the way you are and especially when you have that radiant exercise glow.

That said, we know there may be times when you desire to (perhaps you’re looking to sweat-work your way to the top and want to make a good impression?), and just like we would never judge someone for not wearing makeup, we certainly wouldn’t rag on you for adding a pop of blush or even a little mascara to your routine. This is especially true if it will help motivate you to get your fitness on and leave you feeling more confident in the process.

We also know that you’ll need more from your beauty products if this is the case, as there’s nothing that can blow your adrenaline high like looking in the studio mirror and discovering that your mascara started to run as soon as you did.

To keep your makeup from sweating into your eyes (ouch!) or all over your new white yoga tank (expensive!), we went ahead and rounded up some of the best in waterproof, sweat-proof beauty. From the product that will keep your brows intact your whole cycle class through to the eyeliner that’s strong enough to withstand laps in the pool, read on for some of our no-budge, no-BS gym-bag picks.

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